Agency: Shackleton


It is difficult, in this instance, to provide a relevant or appropriate background since we believe that nothing like this has ever been done before. We are not aware of any similar intervention of this kind ever having existed with current/potential consumer contacts and their engagement with the brand.

The combination of experience, technology, creativity and music allowed us to transform Christmas into a unique opportunity to convey our capacity for innovation, personalisation, creativity plus our ability to channel all that into a refreshingly surprising festive message for existing clients, potential clients and friends of the agency...


We wanted to create a unique experience, so we decided to surprise our clients during a typically mundane down time moment such as waiting for your telephone call to be put through by transforming an otherwise straightforward interaction with the company into a highly personalised and unprecedented experience. Thanks to a meticulously prepared behind-the-scenes execution, the whole thing was made to look effortlessly procedural and almost completely normal in the eyes (and ears) of the caller.