Agency: Proximity Madrid

Product Description

Renault was about to launch the new edition of its flagship model: the Renault Scenic, the brand's top seller in Spain, which accounts for most of its market share. The new Scenic is an MPV aimed at middle-class, urban families who need a car for everyday use and road trips. The challenge? To stand out in a segment flooded with options in a growing market.

Campaign Background

A recent study by Milward Brown revealed that: "Seventy-three per cent of children influence their parents purchasing decisions". That is why we realised how important it was to reach children when presenting our top family model, the new Renault Scenic. But, how could we communicate with both parents and children to give them both an understanding of the innovative features of the vehicle? Very simple: by talking to them in their own languages. That is why we used a channel able to support these two languages and enable a degree of integration. That is why the entire direct marketing action to 57,000 families, which contained a brochure for parents created by car experts and another one exclusively for kids, created by kids. The brochure also directed users to the site, for an even more extensive experience with games, children's workshops, etc.