Agency: Lebowski



  • Stand out and succeed as a yet unknown player in an oversaturated market.
  • Communicate Nethouse and its GDPR-related products and services to previously unworked "dream customers".
  • Communicate that Nethouse is as an interesting partner in the area of technology, even in a wider, more long-term perspective.


  • Nethouse is yet unknown within the market.
  • Many are vying for the attention of target individuals (CEOs, CTOs).
  • An enormous number of competing consultants are now offering GDPR-related services.

As a completely unknown player in an oversaturated market, it is difficult to reach the right contact person. When you call, you are not likely to be put through. When you are put through, the reception is normally "cold". The salesperson must first explain where he/she is calling from and then faces the challenge of trying to hold the recipient's interest as he/she explains the offer.