Agency: PKP BBDO, Austria

Product Description

In many parts of Africa, eye medicine is accessible only to few. An alarming number of people are still suffering from cataract – a disease that is in fact easily treatable. The brief was to raise awareness for the ongoing problem and to communicate that blindness caused by cataracts can simply be cured by donating only 30 Euros.

Objective of the Campaign

Affected people at first have a disturbing diffusive spot in their field of vision. We put non-affected people into the situation of those with the disease, letting them experience the first symptoms of cataract – in an irritating way.

Target Audience

When readers visited the mobile websites of their newspaper, an irritating grey spot was displayed all over the regular news content and adapted its position to the viewing angle of the reader. By trying to remove the interfering spot, our call to action was displayed.

Enacted Solution