Agency: Agentur am Flughafen

Product Description

It's becoming more and more difficult for insurance salespeople to set up appointments with medium-size companies. We decided to present a potential danger: one for which it is possible to have insurance. As well as feeling terrible, anyone targeted by burglars will also find themselves up to their neck in hassle. Everything comes to a standstill. The police are at the house. Clean-up operations begin. Helvetia Insurance offers a "No Worries" package to help out.

Objective of the Campaign

A noncriminal door-opener mailshot was designed and sent in phases to medium-size companies, and later followed up by telephone. But the aim could not be achieved without a break-in.

Target Audience

The address window on the envelope had been smashed. When the recipient opened the envelope, they found a letter surrounded by shards of glass. The letter prompted them to arrange a preventative consultation with Helvetia Insurance.

Enacted Solution