Agency: Grand Design Co Ltd

Product Description

Gotcha!mall is the e-coupon platform that connects brand stores and customers of various retailers by utilizing "Shoppertainment" experience and e-coupon delivery optimization technology in order to maximize client sales & minimize the cost. This e-coupon platform is targeted at retail clients in convenience stores, supermarkets and pharmacies, which has resulted in sales increase and shopping frequency increase.

Objective of the Campaign

Offline retail market is struggling globally since e-commerce market is expanding rapidly. Gotcha!mall is the unique O2O (Online to Offline) solution that drives consumers to visit stores and purchase at stores by utilizing "Shoppertainment" and e-coupon optimization technology. Since this business model is the CPP (Cost Per Purchase) model, the retailers do not need to spend for e-coupon delivery or number of Gotcha!mall plays. The retailers just need to pay for their purchases that Gotcha!mall contributed. It means that the retailers have no risk to spend unnecessary cost to promote customers to purchase. Gotcha!mall also provides coupon optimization technology that maximizes the sales and purchase frequency. For the consumers, they can find and get their favorite coupons that Gotcha!mall provide by various retailers and brands. Since the clients can measure ROI of actual purchase by just joining in Gotcha!mall, marketing budget is shifting from existing media to Gotcha!mall.

Target Audience