Agency: Colenso BBDO

Product Description

Little Garden is the third promotion in the series of collectables from New World. It saw the end of plastic, introducing cute little seedling kits, giving families the chance to create their very own Little Gardens at home. Each little pot comes with one of 24 herbs and vegetables complete with a soil tablet and seed mat. All you have to do is add water.

Target Audience

Our audience was all New Zealand household shoppers. As a higher end supermarket chain, New World had a slight audience skew to the more environmentally conscious consumer, which made this idea so relevant and applicable. We sought to kids off their smartphones, laptops and TV's to learn about how fresh produce is made, while in turn, grow our sales.

Objective of the Campaign

The idea was to create 100% biodegradable collectable seedling pots. Little Garden was the first collectable set from a New Zealand supermarket that got people growing, instead of polluting. They were given away as a small, handheld gift with purchase across all 138 New World stores in New Zealand.

Enacted Solution