Agency: Agentur am Flughafen


When a local furniture company opens a small store, not many people take notice, even when the furniture company in question is Domus, a retailer of exclusive, upscale designer furniture. The fact that the new store is intended to appeal to a new target group that is currently unknown to the long-established existing store doesn't exactly make the endeavor any easier. The task was to make the new Domus Studio store accessible to a new, young, mobile and urban audience (without cannibalizing the main store, which is located a few hundred meters away).


In order to celebrate the opening of the new Domus Studio store while attracting a new, younger clientele, we didn't want to hold the same old boring opening event. Instead, we threw a house party together with the Wehrle brothers, local celebrities who live with another roommate in an apartment nearby. The three roommates are well known in St. Gallen. We cleared out their apartment and filled it with designer furniture from Domus that partygoers could buy directly at the event.

Creative solution