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The objective was to create a unique market differentiator for real estate agent danbolig to convince private sellers of real estate to choose them as their agent. is now the only real estate agent in Denmark that gives the seller the possibility to not only sell a house but also everything around the house.


Just a few years ago, real estate agents danbolig was a clear leader in the market, largely based on an innovative search engine. Since then, all competitors have copied their platform, and the Danish real estate market is now very standardized.

How could we find a way to stand out that offered true added value, not just a gimmick? What would buyers and sellers actually want?

Our strategy and research phase, including interviews and extensive SEO analysis, uncovered two insights:

  1. Buyers want more in-depth knowledge about the home they're about to buy - not just the house. Listings are filled with cliches, all houses have amazing views and vibrant neighborhood etc. But SEO analysis shows that people are searching for things to do in the area, what kind of people live there, etc. SEO analysis also showed an unclaimed space for the search terms around property in connection with narrowly defined geographic area - actual neighbourhoods.
  2. Sellers want more control and ability to influence their sale. They have unique insights into what's great about their home, but no platform to present it. If the sale drags out, untapped potential turns to frustration that the agents don't do enough to sell my home.