Agency: La Q


The objectives of the campaign were to generate 600 leads from people interested in performing a bariatric surgery. After that, it was expected that 1% of those interested would carry out the surgery (6). Each surgery would generate revenues of USD $10,000 and a total of USD $60,000 was the expected revenue of the campaign.


The focal point of the strategy was the development of 2 campaigns that appealed to the insights of women that allowed us to sensitize the target audience on the subject of opening up to the idea of having bariatric surgery. Originally the banner ads and landing pages of the campaigns were tested to see which of the concepts generated better conversions. We had 2 landing pages in parallel, and 2 banners campaigns on Display and Adwords.

This A / B testing was very valuable because it allowed us to see what campaign we should give more prominence to the campaign that had the best results (60% - 40% were exposed to each of the campaigns, the more aggressive creative was more successful).