Aim Proximity: Yellow Art Awards

Aim Proximity Ltd


Category: Business and Consumer Services
Country where program ran: New Zealnad
Date program started/ended: August to October 2009

Product Description: Yellow, with its range of publications and online directories, is the place where New Zealanders go to find the information they need about people, products, services, ?businesses, places and brands.

Advertiser/Client Name: Aim Proximity Ltd
Media Channels: DirectMail


Marketplace Challenge:

The Yellow Pages Group Art Awards has been running for 19 years. It is best associated with the image on the cover of each region's White Pages. Traditionally it has attracted amateur paintings of somewhat clichéd images associated with each region, e.g. the Beehive in Wellington. It also has a relatively low profile and is not seen as a prestigious event for the art world to be involved in. Yellow wanted to reenergize the competition this year. They would measure this by the number of entries and the quality of the work.