Oliveira da Serra


Client: Sovena
Category: Brand Identity (Design and Implementation over £100,000)

Executive summary

For thousands of years olive oil has written a rich story: forging trade routes and shaping Mediterranean culture and cuisine. Today olive oil is a symbol of health, pleasure and contemporary living.

One country where olive oil is an integral way of life is Portugal, where the leading brand, Gallo, had portrayed it as a symbol of nostalgic national pride and passion.

Underdog brand, Oliveira da Serra needed to engage and inspire consumers through a fresh new perspective that was relevant to contemporary Portugal.

Despite aggressive sales tactics from Gallo, the rebranded Oliveira da Serra rapidly overtook the market leader for the first time ever, toppling the Portuguese icon. It had been hoped that this may take place three years after the rebrand, but incredibly this feat was accomplished by the end of only the first year.