Johnnie Walker Blue Label redesign

Sedley Place

Executive summary

Johnnie Walker Blue Label broke new ground in 1992. Introduced to celebrate Alexander Walker's benchmark setting 1867 Old Highland Whisky it led the way in establishing the Ultra-Premium whisky category.

However, by 2006 it was looking tired and old-fashioned in consumers' eyes and research showed the brand's packaging no longer conveyed the right luxury cues. In addition, its status as the category leader was being challenged as it faced competition from other Ultra-Premium brands, as well as from other premium spirits like cognac.

Diageo, Johnnie Walker's owner, responded by commissioning Sedley Place to redesign Blue Label. Our brief was to invest it with enhanced luxury cues while not sacrificing the DNA that lay at its core. This work inspired the brand team to work on the brand's story and a new idea was developed, "Celebrating Epic Achievements".