Design consultancy: Quinine
Advertiser: EE

Executive Summary

EE operates in the complex and constantly morphing telecommunications market. A market valued at over £40bn, where companies who once provided a single service, have now extended their offer and operate in a multi-play marketplace (offering a selection of up to five network services: mobile, landline, broadband, TV and connected home).

EE is also operating in a challenging retail market, which is experiencing declining footfall, high levels of store closures and redundancies, as they adjust to the retail industry's omnichannel strategies.

In 2016 EE was acquired by BT and in 2018 they formally announced a new BT Consumer Division, unifying the two companies, which included BTs return to the high street, within EE's 621 stores.

The acquisition led to a requirement for a new store design, with a brief to position EE (with BT services) as a forward thinking, modern, digital brand. There was an implicit understanding around the complexity of bringing the two brands together and that integration of this scale would take time.