Design consultancy: Brown&co The Brand Collective
Advertiser: Anadolu EFES

The old Bomonti Original can

Executive Summary

Bomonti is the oldest beer brand in Turkey, with a heritage dating back to 1890. A revival from near obscurity in 2010 saw brand sales of all variants in the range increase modestly and steadily over the following years, but then some variants started to decline. Most notable was the drop in performance of Bomonti Original -its core variant - particularly when sold in cans. So poor were can sales, in fact, that in late 2015, they were dropped entirely from the range. As only the core variant was ever sold in cans, this meant there were no longer any cans in the Bomonti portfolio.

However, in September 2017 (two years after having been discontinued), Bomonti decided to resurrect the can format, and tasked Brown&co with completely redesigning the 50cl can for its original variant - which, by now, had been renamed 'Fabrika'.