Customer Experience: Australia's New Branding Battleground

Brooke Hemphill

Customer experience (CX) will be a major battleground for agencies in 2017, and as agency rivalries rage on, those making a play in the CX space are getting serious.

CX refers to the entire customer experience which includes journey mapping of consumer touchpoints as well as delivering on the experience itself. But in Australia, that's not always been the case.

Sandy Belford, director at branding agency Principals, said: "Some agencies, when they talk about customer experience, they're talking about marketing touch points. CX, to them, means consistency over these touchpoints. You start to get terribly excited and then you discover they're not really talking about CX in the sense of customer journey mapping and such. So there's a lot of confusion about it."

Businesses in need

For Australian organisations, figuring out how to put customer experience front and centre can't come soon enough.