PPG Canada: CIL - Beauty on a Small Budget

Agency: DDB Canada

Case overview

On a modest budget relative to the competition, CIL Paint (CIL) managed to generate sales results way beyond what was demanded. More impressively, it was achieved during the low painting season. In addition, the specific SKU, CIL Premium, was only sold at The Home Depot, and had to contend with an exclusive Home Depot brand - BEHR, which is heavily promoted in-store.

The client's business issues/opportunities

a) The Client's business, competition and relevant history:

CIL Paints (CIL) operates in a highly competitive category. The market is cluttered and many brands compete for the attention of consumers. While CIL has always made strategic, insight-driven marketing decisions, their brand consideration is low within the category and market share has suffered. This is due to competitors with larger marketing budgets as well as a challenging sales situation in The Home Depot - the only store where CIL Premium is sold. BEHR (a brand sold exclusively at The Home Depot) provides higher margins, resulting in store associates promoting BEHR over CIL Premium, negatively impacting CIL Premium's ability to generate sales.