Nissan: Winter Warrior


Situation analysis

Overall assessment

Despite having been in the Canadian market for seven years, the Nissan Rogue, a small crossover utility vehicle (CUV), significantly lagged behind key competitors such as, Honda CR-V, Toyota Rav4, and Ford Escape in not only sales performance, but basic funnel measures such as Awareness (Rogue: 78, competitive set: 89) and Familiarity (Rogue: 27, competitive set: 49) [Footnote 1].

In fact, despite receiving consistent mass media advertising support since its launch, the Rogue was the only one of Nissan's core models that had an Awareness score below the segment average.

Beyond its issues with Awareness, the Nissan Rogue suffered from weak imagery in the minds of consumers. It is well known that buyers of these vehicles do not take them off-road, however, the perception of off-road capability was identified through consumer research as a key driver of purchase consideration. Though the Rogue has all-wheel drive (AWD), it was not held in the same esteem as its competitors. With prior campaigns highlighting style and cargo space, failure to establish off-road credentials held the Nissan Rogue back from greater sales success.