Yellow Page Group (NZ): Job Done

Colenso BBDO


The Yellow Pages? Isn’t that what you used to find stuff before Google?

In 2008, our Yellow® client had a major image problem. Consumers and advertisers were questioning the need for the big yellow book in the post-Google age.

We needed to do something major to make New Zealanders reconsider Yellow® as a relevant, contemporary brand that was as much about online and mobile as it was about the age-old book.

And so, to prove that Yellow®’s still the best way to get any job done, we challenged two ordinary New Zealanders to do two extraordinary things, using only contacts from Yellow®’s website, mobile app and book.

Tracey Collins built a restaurant halfway up a redwood pine tree. And Josh Winger created the world’s first chocolate bar that tasted of the colour yellow.

The campaign drew enormous attention, being featured on over 20,000 websites internationally and in the pages of over 100 different magazines. It was reviewed on every major New Zealand television property and was the lead story on the front page of New Zealand’s major daily newspaper, the New Zealand Herald. We fed 2000 international diners, and sold 100,000 yellow bars in what was New Zealand’s fastest ever chocolate bar launch.