Advertiser: Harald A. Møller/ Volkswagen
Agency: TRY
Country: Norway


There were three main objectives behind the campaign:

  1. To promote the new Passat with Trailer Assist
  2. …and do this only months after the huge emission scandal… (Shortly speaking: How to go from “hated” to actually sell cars again)
  3. Strengthen Volkswagen as an innovative brand.


How to sell a new car only months after the huge emission scandal?

While the rest of the world started big, emotional “trust us” campaigns, we in Norway took a little bit more humoristic approach and tried to charm our way into the hearts of the Norwegian customers again…and at the same time mention our new fabulous car…

The new Passat was an advanced car, but it looked quite similar to the previous Passat. We decided to focus on one of the innovations: Trailer Assist, that makes it easier to back up with a trailer. The Trailer Assist feature was actually not a new feature, but earlier promotions didn’t succeed to create attention. We had to raise the bar.