Campaign details

Advertiser: Unicef
Brand: Unicef
Agency: Pagés BBDO Santo Domingo
Country: Dominican Republic


For years, attempts had been made to modify the legal framework that allows child marriage in the country, but the issue was never on the political agenda due to the fact that most part of the country didn't think it was happening and were blinded to this cruel and raw reality.

This is why we had to bring this issue to light, make the population understand that this was a real, current problem, showing them the negative effects that child marriage has on girls' lives and making them understand that marrying a girl with an adult is not normal and does not help them escape poverty.

This was not a commercial campaign, it was a campaign with the objective to start fire, to bring pressure to push for a new law that would prohibite child marrige. We had to find a way to create a real emotional connection, stimulate discussion and incite a social cry for change. Something that previous campaigns had not managed to awakened.