Advertiser: United Nations
Brand: United Nations
Agency: BBDO Pakistan
Country: Pakistan


Almost 90% of Pakistani women suffer from some sort of abuse(i). Things got so unfortunate that last year, a powerful constitutional body proposed that men be legally allowed to "beat lightly" a woman(ii). Compounding the issue, shockingly more than 42% of Pakistani women actually believe that they are weak and think that it is ok for their husband to beat them(iii). This percentage does not only include rural, uneducated and the poor. Rich, educated and urban citizens are just as much a part of this problem(iii). In this heavily patriarchal society, our objective was to change cultural mindset by generating conversation amongst the media and influencers, and to empower women to feel stronger, while emphasizing to men that women are not as weak as they are perceived to be. Even anti-domestic violence campaigns in Pakistan portray women as frail, going as far as requesting men not to beat women. This strategy wasn't working, and we had to do something drastic.

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