T-Mobile: Singalong

Saatchi & Saatchi


This is the story of a how a single cohesive, fully-integrated campaign successfully delivered both brand metrics and business objectives across six very diverse markets.

The creative idea of inviting thousands of people to come and sing karaoke with us in Trafalgar Square came from our desire to truly bring T-Mobile’s brand promise (“Life is for sharing”) to life in the most interesting way possible. We wanted to add to the sum of human happiness and give people something memorable to share in, and to share with their friends. We wanted to create culture, not just copy it.

Beyond the confines of the event, however, the communications surrounding it were designed to share the brand message while also seamlessly delivering an incredibly wide array of hard-working product and sales-oriented messaging across multiple markets.

T-Mobile’s research shows how “Singalong” successfully delivered both the brand promise and all key brand personality attributes in all markets, while also dramatically and consistently increasing purchase intention.