Teatreneu: Pay per laugh

The Cyranos/McCann Barcelona

What were the objectives for the creative work?

The aim was to break down consumers' reluctance to choose a form of leisure like the theatre and so build up audience numbers and at the same time increase average ticket prices.

Commercial: increase ticket sales

Marketing: higher penetration and fight against the economic crisis

Communication: higher brand awareness

What was the strategy behind the creative work?

To free people from a complicated decision and get them filling theatre seats again, we designed a ground-breaking, attractive and "fair" system of payment whereby they would only pay at the end and according to the laughs generated by the show.


We fitted every theatre seat with a facial recognition system to detect smiles and count them, and offered audiences the following deal: "Entrance is completely free. If the show doesn't make you laugh, you don't pay anything. But if you laugh, you'll have to pay for every smile."