Campaign details

Advertiser: Reclame Aqui
Brand:  Reclame Aqui
Agency: Grey Brazil São Paulo
Country: Brazil


After a decade of accelerated growth and prominence on the global stage, Brazil found itself in the heart of a huge crisis, generated by a deep-rooted structural problem: political corruption. After becoming the number-one company of consumer protection in Brazil during the years of economic boom by exposing corporate misconduct, Reclame Aqui decided to expand its operations and stand up for all citizens. In a commercial and marketing perspective, the campaign objective was to increase the awareness of the brand, opening doors to the expansion of the operation to other countries. The communication objective was in fact to put official information about candidates records of corruption in the hands of voters in a simple, free and engaging way, producing an immediate effect on the election results. Therefore, since the beginning of the campaign the main goal was to elect the largest number of candidates who did not respond to corruption suits.

Creative work