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Advertiser: Levi Strauss & Company
Brand: Levi Jeans
Agency: FCB West, San Francisco
Country: Global



Levi's is the world's oldest and biggest denim brand. For nearly 130 years after Levi Strauss set up in San Francisco and made the first denim jeans, the business of denim was as straightforward as the jeans themselves. Levi's grew from workwear to the clothing of choice for the young and young at heart.

In 1996, Levi's sales reached $6.1 billion. However, in the following decades sales slumped to around $4 billion and doggedly remained there for years. Levi's was under attack from a slew of new competitors; more denim brands launched this century than in the last 104 years. Fashion, sportswear and athleisure brands were constantly introducing new products into a shifting market. In short, it got complicated, and Levi's struggled to maintain relevance.