Campaign details

Advertiser: Kasikornbank
Brand: K Plus
Agency: GREYnJ UNITED Bangkok
Country: Thailand


A) Commercial objective

In the near future mobile banking usage will be a significant portion of every bank's revenue and profit in Thailand. K PLUS is currently the no.1 mobile banking application with the most number of users. KBank aims to expand market size from the current pool of 35 million users among 10 competitive brands to gain new comers from the potential 95 million bank account holders in Thailand.

B) Marketing Objective

To remain no.1 in market share, leadership perception and also grow share by attracting and connecting the app and brand with the new "Younger & Suburban" users.

C) Communication Objective

To create mass top of mind awareness for K PLUS and strengthen its no.1 position in the market. To make K PLUS synonymous with mobile banking app.