Advertiser: Centro Cuesta Nacional (CCN)
Brand: Jumbo Hypermarkets
Agency: Partners Ogilvy & Mather, Dominic Republic
Country: Dominican Republics


Commercial objective: The Invisible Fish was not created with a commercial objective in mind, it was part of the Corporate Social Responsibility of CCN and its brand Jumbo.

Marketing objective: The action was not oriented to generate sales, just to generate awareness about the problem.

Communications objectives: Generate awareness about the importance of parrotfish in the creation and conservation of Dominican beaches and the devastating consequences of its uncontrolled consumption on the Dominican economy which depends on "sun, sand and beach" tourism.

Creative work

The action was executed in store, placing empty packages in the coolers that usually display fresh fish. The packages had labels that explained how the exploitation of parrotfish affects beaches, invited customers not to consume it and asked for a fishing ban. Timing was very important too, the action took place during Holy Week, a traditional holiday in Dominican Republic when fish consumption is at its peak due to religious reasons. (Catholics abstain to eat meat on Fridays and other days during lent and Holy Week and substitute it with fish)