Campaign details

Advertiser: Graubünden Tourism
Brand: Graubünden Tourism
Agency: Jung von Matt/Limmat Zurich
Country: Switzerland


The holiday region "Bergün", located in the alpine canton of Graubünden, desperately needs more tourists. The task was to find a low budget solution that would make people aware of the charming mountain village and raise bookings by at least 20% during the holiday season in 2018.

The creative work was a law. A law that bans photography in the wonderful region of Bergün. The goal of the law: If you ban something, people automatically want to know why. If you ban fotos from Bergün, people will look after why Bergün was banned. And by that, everybody will take a look at photos from Bergün. A reverse psychology trick.

The wording of the law was sent to the press, and after just 24 hours, news of the ban had spread all over the world. Bergün used social media to further promote its campaign, and even NASA was requested to refrain from taking pictures. Bergün had been trending for a while. Google Image Search exploded. We banned photography, and now people all over the world searched desperately for photos of Bergün, discovering as they did so how beautiful the place really is. And this was the key – exactly how it was meant to happen.