Campaign details

Advertiser: Procter & Gamble
Brand: Gillette
Agency: Mediacom Connections Tel Aviv
Country: Israel


The Background

Gillette is an iconic brand in shaving and Israel is one Gillette's most advanced markets globally, with the premium sub-category of 5-bladed razors making up the bulk of its sales (77%, highest in the world).

In other markets, Gillette's growth depended on getting men to trade-up one step at a time (from disposable to Mach3, from Mach3 to Fusion), in Israel, where Gillette already enjoyed 80% market share (most of it in the premium sub-category), the only way to grow was to get more men to shave and shave more often. Growing the total market.

Our competition wasn't coming from upstart brands and fulfilment programs like Dollar Shave Club and Harry's (not yet launched in Israel), or heritage brands (like Schick) which had no significant presence, but from the declining incidence of clean shaving due to the fashion for beards (especially amongst millennials).