Campaign details

Advertiser: Dalian Wanda Group
Brand: Dalian Wanda Group
Agency: Ogilvy Beijing
Country: China


Danzhai was one of the countless unknown villages hidden in the hills of southern China. Noteworthy only for its dubious distinction as one of the nation's 50 most impoverished areas. The most impoverished of locals earn less than USD47 a year. In 2014, the Wanda Group, China's largest real estate developer, chose Danzhai as the site of a new eco-tourist village, the Danzhai Wanda Village. As part of its push to develop rural areas and thereby help alleviate and eventually eradicate poverty. However, with little awareness, nobody locally or globally had ever heard of this village. Let alone visited it. As expected, Wanda Village in Danzhai opened for business with low tourist arrivals and tourism revenue remaining stagnant.

Our objectives included:

  • Communications Objective: Raise awareness and create buzz on social platforms for Danzhai as a eco-tourism destination.
  • Marketing Objective: Increase the number of tourist arrivals. Key KPI# 1: Bring in 1 million annual visitors to Wanda Danzhai Village
  • Business Objective: Increase tourism revenue to provide much needed income for the people of Danzhai. Key KPI# 2: Generate 300 million RMB in tourism revenue per year for Danzhai.
  • Socio-Economic Objective: Help alleviate and eventually lift Danzhai out of poverty by year 2021. Key KPI#3: Create 2000 jobs in Danzhai and help lift at least 10,000 locals out of poverty; increase annual income to above the national poverty line.

Creative work