Daimler AG / Smart: Offroad

BBDO Group Germany

What were the objectives for the creative work?

The ultimate city car

The smart car was launched as a disruptive, polarising revolution in city mobility in 1998. A car that was nothing like any other car: with a revolutionary short length of 2.69m, it is smaller than the standard street lane width (i.e. two smart cars fit into one parking space)i, with the smallest-possible turning circle, body panels made of robust plastic on the outside and a tridion safety cell on the inside. With this innovations package, smart had invented and launched the ultimate city car – and, with that, a new segment in the automotive industry: the micro-car-segment.

Not a car a conviction

smart, however, wasn't just a car. And driving a smart wasn't just about conveniently getting from A to B in the city. It was a statement of challenging the status quo and acting upon it. Driving a smart was like signing a declaration of independence from inner-city traffic obstacles. 'Open your mind' was the brand's rallying cry and its comms tonality on its mission to revolutionise inner-city mobility. 'Open-minded urbanites' first identified with this courageous brand purpose and became fighters for the smart cause by driving their smart in the city. The smart brand was founded on the essence of 'unconventional fun' making it not only a brand on a mission, but also one to have fun with.