Campaign details

Advertiser: Bradesco
Brand: Bradesco
Agency: R/GA Salo Paulo
Country: Brazil


Redefine the future of banking to win the next generation of potential users.

Bradesco has always had a solid track in the financial market. Established in 1943, the bank's initial strategy was to attract the small businessman, but in less than a decade it has become one of Brazil's largest private financial institutions and one of the most valuable brands in Latin America1. However, when envisioning its future, Bradesco realized it was necessary to shift its approach in order to win a new generation of users, a group of hyperconnected young people that represents 30% of the population in Brazil2, but underperformed in penetration by 15% compared to the bank's total customer base.

This young cohort has digital solutions completely integrated with their life routine, but, at the same time, don't see banks as institutions that correspond to their lifestyle. They have little affinity when it comes to financial matters and expect that banks adapt to their reality, offering fluidity, autonomy and technology.3 What they want is financial platforms that resembles the experience they have in apps such as Whatsapp or Spotify.