Advertiser: Benda Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Country: China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand


Summary(Project outline):

Benda Kogyo Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Kure City, Hiroshima) is a global corporation with offices in Korea, China and Thailand, and the world’s largest manufacturer of ring gears used in vehicles. In order to ensure a steady transition from a family enterprise to a corporation, we decided to do more than simply celebrate the 50th anniversary of our company in 2014, and marked the anniversary year with continuous activities focused on tackling issues.

  1. We created the first three-year medium-term plan for the first time since the foundation of Benda Group, and introduced a consolidated accounting system to be used jointly with the group companies overseas.
  2. We formed the “One Benda Project“ as a means of internal branding to ensure a smooth transition.
  3. “OneBendaProject“outline
    1. Four projects to integrate the business operations of Benda Group including the operations overseas –
      1. design and development project,
      2. sales and marketing project,
      3. production and supply project,
      4. management and administration project)
    2. Internal communication activities to visualize and pass on the corporate spirit (Benda philosophy = technology and spirit)