Campaign details

Advertiser: Apple
Brand: iPhone
Agency: In-house
Country: China


Seen as a premium yet distant foreign brand, Apple was facing the challenge of losing relevance in China amidst the category commoditization by the aggressive local players. Given the short brand history in China vs. the West, Chinese consumers only saw Apple through its products (i.e. iPhone) with very little understanding about what the brand truly stands for.

Unlike Apple's usual product-centric global campaigns with specific commercial and marketing objectives, the brief given to us was straightforward yet open: to build deep emotional connection with Chinese people at its most important cultural moment - Chinese New Year.

Given this unique opportunity bespoke for China, the campaign was designed to achieve two key communication objectives:

  • Brand Impact: Deepen the emotional connection and differentiation through the brand's belief in humanity.
  • Cultural Impact: Spark social conversations and engagements to be part of the culture during CNY.

Creative work