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Advertiser: Apple
Brand: Apple
Agency: In house
Country: China, Germany, Japan, North America, United Kingdom


In 2011, Apple launched Siri – the world's first widely available voice assistant. By 2017, the voice-assistant category had become one of the hottest battlegrounds in tech.1 Competitors like Amazon and Google were spending to win: In the first half of 2017, Amazon alone spent over $190 million marketing Echo products in the US, UK, and Germany.2

Apple had not marketed Siri in over a year. In some countries, like China, Apple had never promoted Siri. A majority of iPhone owners were not using Siri, having tried it and given up.3 4

People viewed Siri as a service more known for personality (i.e. funny answers to questions like, "What's zero divided by zero?") than utility.5 Global research showed the problem was rooted in lack of consumer understanding of what people could ask Siri to do. In Germany, research respondents praised Siri as "convenient," but were only engaging it for a handful of inconsequential tasks.6 In China, respondents decried Siri having "limited capacity," and remarked that "other phones have similar features."7