Campaign details

Advertiser: SC Johnson
Brand: All Out
Agency: BBDO India
Country: India


The mosquito repellent category in India is defined by a single narrative - product performance — addressing the one question "How well can this brand/product repel and kill mosquitoes safely?".

Category success, therefore, relies on two conditions

  1. Introducing new product forms that innovate on product performance
  2. Driving brand salience by dominating paid share of voice and in-store visibility.

All Out®'s biggest competitor in India is Goodknight- the market leader. In 2018, Goodknight was winning on both fronts, with a new electric mosquito repellent vaporizer; and dominating the paid media battle with 65% share of voice.1

All Out had been on a long-term share loss trajectory and we had to find a way to gain share from Goodknight.