7-Eleven: Slurpee 'bring your own cup day'

Leo Burnett Melbourne

What were the objectives for the creative work?

Slurpee - the original self-serve frozen drink - plays an important role in 7-Eleven Australia's retail offer as a traffic driver for the all-important youth segment. Not only does the brand have to compete with heavily promoted chilled drink brands sold within the store, it also contends with a rapidly expanding 'Frozen Coke' offer in rival retail outlets. Slurpee sales are highly seasonal, with the core sales period being through the summer months. Each year, Slurpee kicks-off the Slurping season in September (southern hemisphere spring) with a promotion to encourage core drinkers to begin their consumption earlier than they normally would.

The marketing objectives for the spring 2011 promotion were:

  1. Double volume sales (units per store) on the day of the promotion
  2. Deliver a positive campaign ROI
  3. 3) Create brand engagement through participation in-store and via social media

What was the strategy behind the creative work?