Yellow Treehouse

Category: Corporate Reputation/Image (Silver); Return on Investment (Silver); Most Integrated Campaign (Silver); Paradigm Shift (Bronze)
Agency: Colenso BBDO and Aim Proximity
Advertiser: Yellow


The Yellow pages?

Isn't that what you used to find stuff before Google?

In 2008, the NZ Yellow pages Group had a major image problem. Consumers and advertisers alike were questioning their relevance in the post-Google age.

We needed to do something major to make New Zealanders reconsider Yellow as a relevant, contemporary brand and business. The 'Yellow Treehouse' campaign made a significant contribution to improving the corporate image attributes of the Yellow pages Group.

To prove that Yellow's still the best way to get any job done, we challenged Aucklander Tracey Collins to build a restaurant halfway up a redwood pine tree, using nothing but contacts from Yellow's website, mobile app and book. We publicly followed her progress and, in January this year, opened the Treehouse Restaurant to a sellout two-month season.