Stunt marketing is also known as stunt tactics, a form of experiential marketing used to effectively build awareness, generate buzz and boost engagement. These stunts can enable brands to reach a wide audience, both primary and secondary, often on a low budget. Stunts can be parodied in user-generated content and can become viral depending on the strength of their engagement appeal.


Stunt marketing encompasses tactics whereby a brand shares fake or humorous content for the purposes of gaining PR or generating buzz.

Key Insights

1. Ambush marketing is growing in prevalence and sophistication

While ambush marketing has been used for more than thirty years, it is now gaining in its use not least driven by the success of marketing related to events such as the Olympic Games or Super Bowl. Brands using this technique are increasingly creative in its use; it is an established part of the marketing landscape. Academics Nicolas Burton and Simon Chadwick argue that little analysis of the different forms and the subsequent implications of such techniques exist and they propose a new definition and three different typologies of ambush marketing; Incursive, Obtrusive and Associative. They look at ambush marketing from both an organisational and managerial perspective and at the implications for event owners, official sponsors and ambushers.