Newspaper advertising is in decline as younger audiences prefer to read their news online. However, newspapers still have mass market appeal and adverts placed in the right title, amongst relevant content, can engage readers, raise brand awareness and drive sales.


Newspapers, or newsbrands, as they are increasingly referred to, in order to reflect their cross-platform nature, are defined as the online and offline publishing platforms of national and regional newspapers, both paid for and free.

Newspaper effectiveness is the quantifiable and attributable effects of newspaper advertising campaigns against defined objectives and metrics.

Key insights

1. Newspaper partnerships are a powerful tool for brands

Newspaper partnerships can still deliver mass awareness targets for brands. In Canada, SickKids Foundation’s repositioning initiative succeeded in increasing charitable donations with the help of full-page newspaper ads in Toronto to built awareness for the organisation. The Australian Macadamia increased national awareness of the product with a campaign introducing a baby Koala mascot with a newspaper ad in the Sydney Morning Herald. And Pampers used newspaper ads to promote pediatrician-led workshops to educate young mothers about the hygiene advantages of disposable diapers in India.