It is now far easier for businesses to engage and interact with their customers, and accordingly many businesses reach out to their customers for ideas generation and co-creation. With roots in consumer participation, collaboration and co-creation are about humanising and innovating the product development process. Co-creation strategies can deepen the understanding and future potential of products.


Collaboration and co-creation are the commercial practice of developing insights, brands, products and other forms of intellectual property or activity via collaboration with external consumers.

Key insights

1. Digital media enable closer and speedier collaboration with both consumers and experts

The beauty brand Glossier originated from an online blog. The brand describes itself as a “people-powered beauty ecosystem”. It has developed and grown through tapping into and enlisting its supporters to drive reach and sales beyond traditional channels. Fans are actively engaged in everything from developing new products to content marketing. Its success lies by it being a digital community that actively engages and talks with its fanbase and enables conversations amongst the supporters themselves. One of its best-selling products was co-created with its fans.