With younger consumers increasingly viewing short-form video content and social media on mobile devices, ad lengths are getting shorter. This trend is only set to continue with the growth of short-form video platforms. Short-form ads can be effective when they are used for the roles they are good at or as a complement to longer ads, and follow best practice in terms of gaining immediate attention and branding. This is true online and on TV.


Short-form video is online content under 10 minutes in length. The variety of content and creators is very wide – whether user generated content or professionally produced by broadcasters, publishers or sports and entertainment companies. It can be accessed in many ways e.g. via video sharing sites, social media and owned websites.

Short-form video ads are under 10 seconds in length. They started as an online format, broadcast across multiple screens, including computer, tablet and mobile, mainly in paid media. However, now they are also increasingly used on TV.

Key Insights

1. Short-form video ads are the “right size” for short-form video content and social media