The days when out-of-home (OOH) campaign delivery is expressed only in terms of the overall number of people passing the sites bought are rapidly receding. Even in markets where there is very little or no audience measurement capabilities, OOH cannot remain untouched by the digital revolution for long. High quality digital outdoor inventory is now available in many markets around the globe and continues to expand. At the same time the near ubiquity of mobile and smartphones has literally placed the means of interacting with outdoor media into millions of hands across the planet.


Out-of-home (OOH), or outdoor – OOH usually means any roadside, mall, airport or transport advertising panels (bus, train, taxi, underground – interior or exterior), but also includes street furniture (e.g. phone kiosks), most point-of-sale materials (e.g. paper bags, beer mats, screens at retail checkouts, etc.), and advertising media social or entertainment environments such as gyms, bars, washrooms or cinemas, as well as experiential or special-build media properties in public spaces.