In a very dynamic and hugely competitive market, where digital giants Google, Facebook and Amazon are key players, online video audiences are growing. Smartphones and connected TVs are increasingly the devices of choice for online video viewing – as the smartphone experience improves, and as TV and online video media converge. With on-demand, anytime, anywhere video consumption now the norm, audience measurement is a key challenge.


Online video is a media platform that delivers creative content across a number of internet-enabled viewing devices including desktop computers, mobile devices and connected TVs.

Online video audiences are those people who view video content via the internet. Online video is viewed via video sharing sites, publishers' and broadcasters’ online offerings, social media and video-on-demand (VOD) services.

Video On Demand (VOD) is video content that is controlled, enabled, and consumed whenever a viewer wants after its official release date or original air date and time. VOD can be ad-supported, subscription based, accessed via rental or purchase, or provided free by TV broadcasters. VOD content can be found on set-top boxes, OTT devices, mobile web, mobile apps, and video streaming services. (IAB Video Advertising Glossary)