There is compelling evidence creativity delivers increased effectiveness when it produces communication that is different, engaging and emotional.  Creativity creates brand fame, which drives long-term performance. There is concern the shift of budgets into digital is weakening creative effectiveness as focus on short-term performance undermines the long-term benefits of creativity.


Effectiveness is proof that a campaign has met its objectives, particularly sales, market share or profits. It is publicly recognised via industry effectiveness awards. Creativity is a subjective term, but is judged and recognised by industry creative awards.

Key Insights

1. Creativity will not drive effectiveness without the right strategy

Creatively awarded campaigns drive effectiveness by generating fame in the short term and price inelasticity in the long term. In order to use creativity to drive effectiveness brands should:

  • Get the strategy right – incorrect strategy is the key reason for creatively awarded ads to fail in market
  • Ensure a tight link to the brand by making it the centre of the creative idea
  • Work with, not against, the brain – using familiar, distinctive brand assets
  • Use emotion
  • Invest behind it and stick with it