TV and digital strategies are vital for brands to reach consumers throughout the day. Multi-screen campaigns can be complementary and help to drive deeper engagement. By combining TV and digital advertising, brands can benefit from the mass awareness of traditional media, as well as the targeted, personal nature of many digital channels.


TV advertising is produced and paid for by brands in order to reach an audience during television air time. Digital media can include channels such as online display, search, online video, microsites, mobile and social media.

Key insights

1. Successful brands spend most of their budgets on TV and digital combined

Using its database of effective advertising campaigns, WARC analysed almost 840 case studies between 2009 and 2017 that contained budget and media allocation information. While investment in digital has been growing at the expense of TV over the period, TV and digital combined still made up 78% of budget allocation in 2017. The analysis also shows that allocation between TV and digital is determined by the size of the budget, with lower budget campaigns more digitally-focused, higher budget campaigns focused on TV media, and medium budget campaigns somewhere in between.