The rise of TV decimated cinema audiences but in recent years it has recovered, in large part due to the rise of digital technology, gaining new strength and clarity in its role. As such, it still warrants a place in the media mix. In particular, cinema aligns well with TV advertising. No longer just the domain of the younger audience, cinema has captivated a thriving baby boomer audience by providing a unique, high-quality, immersive experience.  A trip to the cinema is both a financial and social investment for people; a positive experience and environment where people are more emotionally engaged, and receptive to advertising.


Cinema is a media channel that enables marketers to reach audiences in a distraction-free environment where films are shown for public consumption.

Key Insights

1. Cinema is a safe and emotional environment where ads get noticed

A meta-analysis of 75 major research reports and proprietary data sets evidencing the effectiveness of different channels gave cinema top marks for guaranteeing a safe environment thanks to the high level of regulation and control over the content where advertising appears. It was also rated number one for getting ads noticed and triggering a positive emotional response thanks to a willing captive audience in front of a huge screen with good sound.