Planning for digital media

Merry Baskin
Baskin Shark

What needs to be considered when developing the big creative idea to stretch across traditional and digital media? Merry Baskin at Baskin Shark has some suggestions.

It has been proven that a great creative idea can boost the effectiveness of a campaign tenfold, and we'd all like some of that. The role of the account planner is to help the creative team(s) get to that better creative idea, faster. If not, please move out the way.

Combining TV and online activity yields better results – research from Thinkbox and the Interactive Advertising Bureau shows that combining TV and online advertising can deliver up to a 50% increase in positive brand perceptions, as well as significant increases in likelihood of purchase. As a result, commercial TV is thriving, still reaching many people as frequently as possible, and building long-term brand impressions. (UK commercial TV still reaches over 70% of people in one day, 92% within a week, and 98% within a month).