Introducing Movement Thinking: A simple framework for activating your brand’s purpose

Higher purpose tends to be lofty by nature, which can make it sound inspiring, but can leave people unsure how to action it.

We’re living in a new social climate, a new age of consumer activism. It seems whatever consumers believe in, they’re more adamant about it than ever before, and more willing to act on their strongly held beliefs. A 2020 survey revealed that 70% of c, up from 66% in 2017. A recent Weber Shandwick study found that 83% of respondents agree “It is more important now than ever to show support for companies that “do the right thing” by buying from them.”Not surprisingly, brands have responded by jumping on the “higher purpose” bandwagon in droves, leading the ANA to recently name “purpose” the #1 marketing word of the year in 2018.